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If I am unable to answer your call straightaway, please leave a voicemail and I'll call you back ASAP. Alternatively, you could use the 'Contact Us' page. That way I will have more of in idea what you are looking for when I call you back. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you!




So far, I have 60+ uniforms and scenarios and many many props and accessories - attention to detail is my speciality.


Think of your favourite porno genre or perhaps what occupation you wanted to be when you were little (I don't have Wonder Woman before you ask) or maybe even your first tv crush. Mine was Erik Estrada, Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello from 70's cop show CHiPs (blushes)


The pics shown here will give you an idea of what I'd say are the most common fantasy uniforms I have available.


If of course you already have some of your own gear or simply want to be photographed in what you think is sexy, then please feel free to message. If you think of something that might appeal to a wider audience, who knows, I may consider investing as am always on the look out for fresh and new ideas (but no Lollipop Men or Tellytubbies, I beg of you...)