After you’ve submitted your initial enquiry form via the website, a pre-arranged phone call at a time that suits you is arranged so we can discuss the finer details and that’s when we’ll be asking you to pick out which of our costumes and outfits you want to wear on the day. That way we can make sure everything is cleaned, pressed and ready for your arrival. The only thing we want dirty at a calendar-boys shoot is your mind or your mojito.


This is a unique ‘pamper day experience’ so we want to make sure YOU enjoy every minute of it. Feel free to bring along some music, videos and drink to help get you in the mood.


The calendar-boys studio is a private, dedicated space, with just you and our photographer, Will Kane present - although feel free to bring along a friend if you like). The shoot itself will take between one hour and a full day, depending on how many costumes and outfits you choose or want to wear.


After the shoot, you can browse the photos on our laptop, and pick out the ones you want. We will also agree which photos you want us to add a background to. Remember to bring along a blank/empty memory stick and within 14days you’ll receive it back in the post with ALL pics taken on the day along with your chosen images with the magically morphed images complete with backgrounds!