Is the shoot completely private?

Yes! Your privacy is our top priority. Only you and our photographer, Will Kane, will be present at the shoot. No one else will see your photos unless of course you decide otherwise.

Who will photograph me?

Our founder, director, stylist, tea-maker and wit extraordinaire Will Kane, does all Calendar-Boys shoots personally.

Do I have to get naked?

No. That’s entirely up to you. We have over 70 costumes and outfits. Some are more revealing than others. Most of them are great for stripping off in front of the camera if that’s what you want to do. But you choose how far you want to go. Also don’t feel embarrassed if you tend to get a little ‘excited’ when you first catch glimpse of yourself in your fave fantasy outfit as that is a very natural reaction which is why some/most guys also want ‘adult’ shots whilst in gear.

Can I get naked?

Yes! We’re not shy at Calendar-Boys. And it is a sure fire way of breaking the ice!

Which outfit would I look best in?

This is entirely up to you. Browse our online catalogue and see what takes your fancy. If you don’t see anything you like (as if that’s possible wink) but experience suggests guys want to emulate and recreate their fave porn scenarios so all the usual leather, military, sports gear, suits, trackies and uniforms etc. etc. but our resident fetishist specialist expert Will Kane will only be too glad to discuss this with you during your call-back after your initial enquiry request online.

Can I wear more than one outfit?

Yes! The more outfits you want to wear, the more time we’ll need to allow for the shoot. Please also remember that ‘adult’ shoots can take a tad longer…Check out our Prices page for details.

Can I decide which outfit to wear on the day?

When you’re contacted by calendar-boys for your initial inquiry, we always check your stats so have that tape measure handy! and ask what outfits you want to wear. That way we can ensure we have everything we need all ready on the big day.

But we're all for spontaneity. If you spot something you like the look of on the day or are inspired by your surroundings (or my flannel LOL) you can always book shoot no 2 with some discounts thrown in as a good Will gesture

Do you only shoot men?

The Calendar-Boys wardrobe currently only includes menswear, however All genders are welcome, as long as you’re happy to wear men's clothes for the shoot unless of course you like lingerie which is a whole other ball game.

Why the ‘fake’ backgrounds?

My studio is warm and dry unlike our British weather so shoots don’t have to be cancelled if it rains

my studio is private to protect your modesty and blushes

my studio is packed to the roof with costumes, outfits and props so it would be logistically impossible for me to bring various items to location no matter how glam it is

my studio has a drinks fridge and media devices for extra stimulation if required

my studio has a bathroom for that all important pee and tea break

my studio is a lot closer than an NYPD police precinct and I’m not sure we could just rock up to HMP Belmarsh in a bright orange convict onesie and say to the guard “you don’t mind if we just shoot in a spare cell do ya mate?”

I hope this is all fairly self explanatory and explains why the ‘fake’ backgrounds…

OF COURSE that said if you only want to dress up and have pics with plain backgrounds then that is fine too – this is something we can discuss on the phone after you submit your initial online enquirY.