What will YOU
wear today?


We shoot YOUR fantasy

At calendar-boys, we turn your hottest dreams into reality and capture them with stunning photography.


Choose from our extensive collection of 70+ costumes + outfits + scenarios with many, many props.


Whether you’re into Boylesque, Cosplay, Dudeoir, Fetishwear or just love to dress up, we're sure to have the perfect look for you! Our outfits include leather, sports gear, suits, uniforms and much, much more.

Bored with the same old selfies?

A calendar-boys shoot will make you really stand out on Gaydar, Grindr, Growlr, Scruff and of course calendar-boys fave Recon. And for social media influencers, calendar-boys is a great way to celebrate your hard-earned physique. 


Nothing shows off a pair of perfect pecs better than an unzipped flight suit and dog tags. And who can forget those chiseled Spartan abs from the movie 300. Why not reward your loyal Instagram followers and acquire some new ones with some unforgettable new content? 

A fun way to raise funds

Want a fun and daring way to raise money for a good cause? If you’re a member of a local club, why not produce a charity calendar with your fellow teammates? 


You don’t have to do the Full Monty to look amazing in a calendar-boys shoot. You and the guys getting dressed as cops, firemen, paramedics or lumberjacks is sure to prove popular with fans, friends and family alike. If it worked for Julie Walters, it can work for you.

Putting you in the picture

With a touch of Photoshop magic, we transport you from our dedicated studios in SE London where it’s always dry (except the bar), warm and most importantly private. Feeling the NYPD blues? We’ll drop you off right outside the local precinct. Think orange is the new black? Let us throw you in a cell overnight with a bunch of restless cons. Or maybe you’re looking for some combat action? We’ll station you with a garrison of sweaty squaddies.


Whatever your fantasy, we’re sure to find the perfect backdrop to bring it to life.

Actor's resumés without the drama

Want that part in Casualty or Holby City? Then let calendar-boys help you set the casting directors' pulses racing and show just how great you look in uniform.

Professional headshots in costume from calendar-boys will really help make your resumé pop.

Meet the man behind the lens

Will Kane is calendar-boys founder, curator, stylist, photographer and expert Photoshop retoucher.


“I’ve attended way too many fancy dress parties with my partner over the years. And together we’ve accumulated quite a collection of outfits. That, combined with my love of photography, is what inspired me to create calendar-boys. Attention to detail is my speciality. I’m always researching and discovering new props and accessories for our outfits to really make our shoots pop.


The calendar-boys studio is a safe space and an adult playground to explore your fantasies. So why not book your shoot with me today and let’s get creative!”


Will Kane


© Calendar-Boys 2019

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