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If I am unable to answer your call straightaway, please leave a voicemail and I'll call you back ASAP. Alternatively, you could use the 'Contact Us' page. That way I will have more of in idea what you are looking for when I call you back. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you!



Calendar-boys was originally created after my partner and I had attended way too many fancy dress parties and had accumulated quite a collection of outfits! That along with my love of photography, I hit upon the idea of combining the two and created calendar-boys!  


Originally I thought I would have a niche market of customers (uber wealthy gay guys with this pink pound we hear about) However, along with gay guys, I see my product potentially helping local sports associations, clubs and halls create charity calendars to help raise funds for new equipment or for their club or hall etc. 


Calendar-boys is for anyone however as mentioned, mainly for gay guys who like so-called 'fetish' wear. Leather, sports gear, suits and uniforms etc, but for whatever reason, do not have any of their own or are merely curious. This way you can see how you'd look in your favourite outfit before you splash out on your hard earned cash or it could simply be a treat from you to you or a pamper day gift for a friend, partner or even a works do - less painful than paintballing...


Think Mr Benn meets The Village People... check out Mr Gay UK in my 'Portfolios' and 'Images - Before and After' pages.


Group shoots are considered although I have to say, my studio is compact and bijou so a little photoshopping will be necessary!